Authentic wild fashion sunglasses female big box anti-UV sunglasses woman sunglasses (Green)


Glasses Category: Decorative sunglasses / UV sunglasses Frame Material: Metal,Lens material: resin lens Glasses: Anti UVA, UVB, decorative,An anti-glare, anti-glare 2 UV, light weight,3 strong impact, water resistant Travel essential SunglassesTime goes by, style forever, those elements in fashion never-ending, big outline, decorated with elegant external, classical interpretation of the eternal love of art and beauty delay, wild doctrine simple fashion, enduring simple version of type, put aside the tedious decoration and design retro style into which the refined and elegant atmosphere fashion, between fashion and function precise time smell, highlights the delicate pursuit of
Retro round frame design, slightly exaggerated personality style, develop their avant-garde essence tidal range, small changes, big fashion, sun guerrilla retro wave mirror, both past and future, we will be in the end fashion, youth is to be assertive,Recommendations crowd: tidal wave of men women, fashion,Seiko secret agents, just for boutique, HD light, natural color
Colorful wind ultra-stylish ultra-popular ultra-pull style style super timeless classic sunglasses, Shuainan beauties who you deserve! Exquisite appearance, build your exclusive fashion, trends and practical perfect combination of the most
Outdoor sports polarized lenses safe and high quality frame, PC lens UV-proof anti-glare anti-UV, REVO coating technology. Detachable adjustable nose pads, can be equipped with wearing glasses, clear and precise to eliminate any visual angle glare to restore the true color. High-quality frames with high-grade materials, design fashionable and stylish but also to ensure quality. Trustee of using silicone nose design makes wearing glasses more comfortable and Arc-shaped mirror legs more comfortable to wear for long wear will not slip
Selection of high-quality technology environmentally friendly raw materials, the use of imported thick TAC Polaroid, with perfect international new technology and new science design philosophy, commitment to research and development of safe driving car mirror. Provide professional driving at night polarizer, both day and night and another with a mirror. More options, more professional. Can effectively prevent the direct headlight! Better anti-white, anti-glare! Travel security, the heart of you and m

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